Little wonder if the awaited Songbird colourfully soars and
swing proudly in styles on the wings of his career…. it’s been long coming
and it had always been in him. Sure, thumbs up to him for those of us that know
the songbird. SWEET MEMORIES!

Needless suspense on the other hands for those still to know
the Songbird. The masquerade is an Imo state born Nigerian multi-talented Afro/
Hip-Pop Rapper who resides in Lagos State. Eziuka Charles Nonye, who is
stage-named by friends and fans as “Zealious” and who branded
him a goal getter for real.

Eziuka Charles Nonye a.k.a Zealious pumped into the Nigerian
Music industry years back with a bombshell hit track he titled: “NORM“.
The magic firm of Zealious reeves newspapers and magazine headlines, television
and radio programmes. Birthed not only by “NORM
as a seasoned song piece, but the conscious choice made by Zealious to take and
build his journey and career step upon step through education to grabbing
first, his first Degree in Business Management before formally embracing music
as his God’s given career. The touch down of that combination breed a
difference that beams ZEALIOUS’s career and awarded him an enviable height
among his equal in the same industry; soon everyone was on the lookout for that
new breed, “ZEALIOUS” with the mantra Music with a difference. Zealious,
who took a sabbatical from the music industry for a while, has suddenly bounced
back and is ready to re-dominate the atmosphere of the Nigerian entertainment
industry at large. He recently performed alongside Ngowari at the yuletide
celebration fiesta organized by the Lagos State government tagged One
Lagos Fiesta.

‘All The
Way’ will go a long way in Inspiring Nigerian youths – Zealious

He was born and Christened Charles Nonye by Mr. & Mrs.
Eziuka from Imo State. He is a very hardworking, zealous and dedicating young
man who grew up knowing what life is really about. With the stage name
Zealious, Charles has been able to break into the Nigerian music industry, although
not on a platter of gold but by sheer hardwork and adequate foresight. He has
always been in the studio churning out beautiful and sonorous tunes to the
delight of his fans and lovers of good music. Zealious has also had collabos
with several top artistes and has performed in several topnotch musical shows
and jamborees. In this interview with City Pride Magazine, Zealious talked
extensively on his life, career and the way forward for his music. Excerpts:

Zealious !!! you are
looking really good. But, people will be surprised and happy to know that you
are back. Where have you been and what have been happening with your music

Thank you
for the complements. I have really been around. It was an intentional and
personal decision to pile low for some time and cook some new ‘soups’ for everyone
that believe in my sons and career. In short a lot should be happening around
me soon as I promise my fans and lovers of good music to stay tune and wait for
the release of my next effort which promises to be banger.

What have you been
cooking and specifically what should your fans, well-wishers and everyone be
expecting from you?

They should
expect a lot from me. I am ready to WALKTALL on Music Wings to stardom. I have
been through the furnace, paying my dues, tithe and offerings to come out as
the gold that I am.  I have been cooking
and brewing a complete album to be released soon. Expect my invitation and
download links soon. Zealious is truly here to stay and not ready to disappear,
never again.

Zealious, please
confirm rumors reaching us  that you are
releasing a banger single before the album?

Actually it
is not rumor, it is true. I will be releasing this lovely single that I feature
Kitay (MTN Project Fame’s 2nd runner-up ). The track is Titled: All The Way.
It was co-produced by Chimbalin, mixed and mastered by C-Kay-C. I specially
love this song. For real, It is a banger.

Any web link or special
avenues to get ALL THE WAY once released?

following ZEALIOUS NATION on social media wings, follow CITYPRIDE and NEWS
BANGER websites and you would not be left out.

Any word of advice to
up and coming artistes?

I would just tell them to stay focused and never
be discouraged. It pays to sacrifice for the top.


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