We Don’t Joke With Staff Welfare -Mouka Foam Mgt … As Police Arrest Hoodlums, Others That Attacked Company


Management of Mouka Foam Limited has opened up on the crisis involving its management and some members of the trade union in the company.

It was gathered that the incident started on Thursday, August 12, 2021 when some union members of Mouka Foam Limited staged a protest against the company claiming that its policies were working against the union and that they were being posted out of the state to kill the association.
Narrating the incident, head of Human Resources of Mouka Foam Limited, Ifeoma Okoruen, said that some group of persons claiming to be staff of the company and that some agents were paid deliberately to blackmail, intimidate and embarrass the company in order to justify their alleged illegal disruption of work and molestation of law abiding and peaceful staff of the company.
She narrated that “to put the record straight, Mouka Foam Limited has a robust staff welfare with a proud tradition of providing welfare benefits that go above and beyond the expected duty of care to the staff and their families.

“The company is committed to investing in people to ensure capacity building and readiness for future career growth and as a good corporate entity, Mouka has also significantly contributed to the local communities in which it operates.”
She explained that as part of Mouka’s continuous improvement plans, the company recently undertook a restructuring program, which involved 10% of the staff of Mouka across all employee grades and in all locations nationwide.

“The major objectives of this exercise were to strengthen operations and to provide career development opportunities for key deserving employees.
“However, as it is the case with every progressive development in corporate organizations, a few will resent the change.
“Unfortunately, the resentment of the current few agitators does not align with the majority,” she said.
She explained further that the event of Thursday, August 12, 2021, whereby a few staff, “who were agitating unjustly for some personal demands, staged a protest which initially started as peaceful but later degenerated into harassment and attack on other staffers who had refused to be recruited into this anti-operation activity,” was unjustifiable.
“Even then, the company, being a law-abiding corporate organization, maintained unprovoked stance even, while the troublemakers continued to throw stones and objects at distributors, visitors and other staffers of the company.
“Unfortunately, the next day, the agitating few had recruited some non-staff hoodlums to join the agitation and they became violent.
“When the law enforcement agents, who had all along been there to maintain peace and order could no longer bear the escalating attacks from the protesters, they called for reinforcement and effected the arrest of the few troublemakers,” she said.
She added that the company is disappointed that the actions of a few led to “some unsavory scenes outside of the premises of the company and in the immediate community, while the company used all available resources to prevent the matter from escalating into a civil disturbance all to no avail.”
“We want to state categorically that the management of Mouka Foam did not order for the arrest of any staff or the violent few.
“Despite the fact that the arrests have not been ordered by the management of our company, efforts are being made to resolve the issue provided the violent attack and the infringement of other workers’ rights ceases.

‘”Our hope is that reason and good conscience will prevail in the circumstance as our company continues to remain focused on investing in the careers and livelihoods of our loyal, committed, and dedicated employees,” she added.

Meanwhile, police have arrested some union members of Mouka Foam and hoodlums that hijacked the protest and allegedly attacked the company with various dangerous weapons in Lagos.
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