Sultan Talks Tough On Insecurity “Our Leaders Are All Talks No Action”


The Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III, said enough of talks on insecurity with actions.



He said: “Now things are really very bad and it’s a fact. Let’s not deceive ourselves that things are alright, things are not alright and we know and we see it.



“For some of us we’ve seen so much in our life. From the time I became Sultan till now, for 11 years plus, we’ve been having such gatherings to talk about Nigeria, national security, development and so on. We’ve talked and talked, we’ve talked at Northern Governors Forum level, at national level where I happen to be the chairman of that body, we’ve talked and talked. In the last few months, we’ve had serious gatherings like this with the highest leadership of this country.



“Today we’re here once again on the same issue of national security. Enough of these talks, let’s work, let’s work the talk. The more we sit here and talk, the more time we waste in getting real actions.



“We know the problems. I’ll not say anything here that I’ve not said in the last seven years. It’s important that when you come to a public forum like this, you say some few things. I wish this gatherings were one where you don’t have the media so we can discuss very well. We know the problems and we can’t just continue to talk and not implement, come back maybe four months later for another summit to talk again because we don’t implement whatever comes out from such forum.



“Certain things our leaders do, you say something in public and they clap for you, you go back to your comfort zone and throw everything away.



“We’ve have had so many resolutions on the floor of the House, how many of them have been implemented? It’s high time we put aside ethnic and religious profiling. Stop profiling criminals, call them by their names. No ethnic or religious groups will be happy that every day you’re calling his own side of the coin the bad one, even when you know there are good ones which are larger in number.



“Unless we come together and look at the greater figure which is Nigeria and work for the country to move forward, we’ll continue having these problems.”

The Sultan said traditional leaders are partners in progress to the political leaders.


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