“It’s My 60th Birthday” Says Otunba Adesanya Yusuf ; Giwa Bobagunte Akile Ijebu Worldwide


“Hallelujah! 60yrs on Planet Earth. Thank you Lord for your Exceeding Grace🙏💎 💎 💎”
Says Otunba Adesanya Yusuf Giwa Bobagunte Of Akile  Ijebu Worldwide.

Today through the special grace of God I join the Sexagenarian Club and I am very elated and thankful to God for his Exceeding Grace and awesome compassion upon me and my household.

Not a time for a long talk but a time to thank God because as we say in Yoruba “Aanunimorigba” and a time to ask God to grant me sound health, fulfilment, longevity and above all peace that comes from above. Please, family and friends, glorify the Lord with me.

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