His Royal Majesty Oba Abdulfatai Akamo Congratulates, Erelu Folashade Abike Animashun On Her Golden Jubilee Celebrations




Dear Yeye Oba Animashahun,

Happy golden jubilee celebration to you my dear Yeye Oba of Itori, you’ve stood firm with this family from inception and still standing.

You are a definition of perfection, sincerity and forthrightness, a woman of great virtue and many path. Your birth anniversary is personal to me as you’ve touched not just my immediate family but the entire kingdom of Itori.

A moment with you is simply the touch with divine heart of gratitude. I celebrate and congratulate you specially on this auspicious occasion of your birth anniversary as you turn 50 today.

Looking back with Thanksgiving in our hearts, we bless Almighty Allah for the grace of life, good heath and true happiness.

May this day remain a special episode in your life, you shall live to celebrate many more years of greatness and accomplishments.


Happy golden jubilee, i celebrate Erelu.



  1. His Royal Majest Oba Abdulfatai Akamo

Olunla Agbodere & Olu of Itori Egbaland


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