The attention of the Executive Chairman of Otukpo Local Government Council has once more been drawn to the rumours, especially on social media, of his ambition to become the Deputy Governor of Benue State, come 2023.

Ordinarily, in his characteristic manner, the Chairman would wave off the rumour as a figment of the peddlers’ imagination; but out of his concern that if nothing is done to dispel it, this rumour will gain traction and be accepted by the general bublic as true.

Therefore, for the avoidance of doubts, Rt. Hon. George Alli wishes to set the record straight and categorically state the following?

Rt. Hon. George Alli wishes to state in unequivocal terms, that his rumoured Deputy Governorship Ambition is untrue, completely false, unfounded and a figment of the imagination of those behind it.
The Otukpo Local Government Chairman did not and have not told, lobbied or send anybody in any quater(s) to speak for him before anybody or group about the conduct of the 2023 Benue State Governorship .
It is important to state that anybody who aquainted with the politics of Benue state knows that Hon. George Alli is one of the few politicians in Benue state who is widely loved by the people and his following cuts across all divides. Some of his admirers may have unwintingly made such suggestions without giving thoughts to its implications.
For Rt. Hon. George Alli, there are two factors which defines democracy in every clime: POLITICS AND GOVERNANCE. Politics ended in 2019; for us we are focused on governance until 2023, which is still a long is still far and would take care of itself.

5.Hon. Alli is very much preoccupied at the moment with his mission of delivering the dividends of democracy to the people of Otukpo Local Government who graciously entrusted him with their mandate for the second time.

Chief. George Alli’s position is the same with that of all stakeholders of Benue South Senatorial District (Zone C) on the next Governor of Benue State, come 2023 and he is equally using this medium to appeal to our brothers in Zone A and Zone B for understanding, going forward. Finally, Hon. George Alli wishes to thank Benue State Governor, Chief Samuel Or tom and his Deputy, Engr. Benson Abounu, for the opportunity given to him to serve and for their continued support to him.

He equall thank all his friends, well wishers, associates and admairers: both in Benue State and beyond, far and near; for their unconditional love and support which has enabled him to achieve all that he has been able to do as Chairman of Otukpo Local Government Council.

Desmond Oogwu,
Special Adviser on Media and Gender Affairs
Rt. Hon. George Alli,
Executive Chairman,
Otukpo Local Government Council.


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