“A Clarion Call To Nigerian’s As We Celebrate Democracy Day 2021” Says Iyalaje Oodua Princess Toyin Kolade


It’s June 12, which mark very significant day in the lives as Nigerians and as a nation. Like the English parlance which say’s; “In an attempt of looking at the future, we make recourse to history”. Our history cannot be written or complete without mentioning the June 12 1993. When M.K.O Abiola and his running mate Babagana Kingibe ran for office of the President and Vice President respectively. A time when Nigerians put behind cultural and religion difference to carry out their civic responsibility by voting M.K.O, Kingibe and the S.D.P party in as President elect.

Unfortunately the chance for Abiola to emerge President was truncated by military junta, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida known as IBB, who annulled what was regarded as the most free and fair election in the History of Nigeria.

Fast forward to 28 years after, we are still celebrating that faithful day. As we upheld democracy in Nigeria since 1999. It’s a new dawn in our lives as people of Nigeria the most populous black country In Africa and in population. As the agitation for a divided country has rent the air in recent time.

I urge my brothers and sisters to put behind our differences and celebrate the core values of oneness in solidarity and strength and stay together as an entity.

NIGERIA will indeed remain great undivided . The labour of our heroes past will never be in vain. I, Dr. Princess Dr Toyin Kolade urge us to remain One United nation bound by peace, Love and togetherness. I pray that as we celebration democracy day in liberation, we shall witness the Nigeria of our dreams within a short while. Let’s trust the process. The future is here. We shall remain great.

Happy Democracy day my fellow Nigerian’s both home and in diaspora. We shall witness more in good health and wealth devoid of war and insurrection.

God bless Nigeria..
God bless us all…


Princess Dr. Toyin Kolade


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