A Birthday Message To My Soul Mate Olori Adufe Faderera Akamo “Kabiesi Akamo The Olunla Of Itori Egba Land”


Olori Adufe Faderera @ 50, The Woman After My Heart.

Life has been incredibly beautiful in the last 25years of meaningful experience with the woman of my dreams, Olori Olobisi Barakat Adufe Faderera Akamo.

Today marks another page of your life my darling wife as you celebrate your golden jubilee birthday and two decades and half of our love life.

You have been a wonderful mother,  partner and wife, you have given me peace in a lifetime of war, you brought stability to the seemingly endless world of uncertainty.

As you celebrate your 50th birth anniversary my angel soul heart wife, I wish you a continous happiness, long life and endless possibilities. You are my lifewire, companion, soul mate and my better half.

I have the conviction in my heart that, you’ve reached and secured a permanent place in my heart till the end of time.

Once again my darling soul heart, accept my heartfelt best wishes today as you celebrate this remarkable and memorable day of a lifetime.

Happy golden Jubilee birthday my soul heart.


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